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    O-PiN COLLAB Online Art Jewellery Auction Fundraiser for Scottish Refugee Council

    Posted on Tuesday, June 20th, 2017 under Events, Exhibitions, News

    Limited editions and one off Art Jewellery Items for sale to raise funds for Scottish Refugee Council.

    Back in February we invited 10 jewellery makers to choose another creative practitioner to meet for 1 day in our COLLAB SPACE, Gallery 1 at the Briggait. They produced a piece of jewellery which was exhibited in the WEARABLE WORKS SPACE Gallery 2. The artists created over 40 pieces between them and a closing party was held on the 24th February with a silent auction of the WEARABLE WORKS which raised £850 for Scottish Refugee Council. As we were only anticipating 10 pieces for auction we still have lots of unique Jewellery up for grabs.

    O-PiN is a collective of artist – makers, with a background in Contemporary Jewellery and 3 dimensional design. Directed by Soizig Carey and Stefanie Cheong.

    Huge thanks to the makers and artists involved!

    Lynne Maclachlan Studio & Zachary Eastwood-Bloom, Zephyr Liddell & Stefanie Cheong / Scarlett Cohen French-Jewellery, Stefanie Cheong & Tessa LynchSoizig Carey & Risotto(Gabriella di Tano), Alice Dansey-Wright & Jemima Dansey-wright, Jonathan Mathew Boyd & Euan McKenzie, Mhari & Caitlin McMullan, Marianne AndersonKaty West, Scarlett Cohen-French & Maeve RedmondEmer Tumilty & Mariella Verkerk (with help from Sally Morrison)

    Thank you to WASPS artist studios for giving us the space at The Briggait.

    To view or bid on the work please go to the auction here

    The Auction closes at 7pm on the 2nd July

    SHAPES: Exhibition, Residency and Workshops by O-PiN

    Posted on Wednesday, August 19th, 2015 under Events, Exhibitions, News, Workshops

    We hope you will be able to join us at the Briggait, Glasgow, for our upcoming exhibition Shapes, open from Saturday 29th August to Saturday 5th September!


    Shapes, presented by O-PiN, is an exhibition and programme exploring contemporary jewellery, from the unrefined materials and making processes to crafted pieces and objects in a gallery context. 

    The exhibition will encompass four principal elements where audiences are invited to wear and physically engage with objects and jewellery, re assess the value of the artist and their materials, interact with makers in their working environment and participate in workshops exploring unconventional jewellery and craft. 

    Exhibition and Residency////     Saturday 29 August – 5 September      12.00 -17.00

    Workshop Programme////
    (Drop – in/ All ages welcome)
    Saturday 29 August & Saturday 5 September
    12.00 – 17.00
    additional workshops available on request – email

    O-PiN Jewellery Showcase at Festival 2014

    Posted on Tuesday, October 21st, 2014 under Exhibitions

    A showcase of over 30 designer and makers from all over Scotland, showcased on Glasgow green to a busy excited public.

    O-PiN at festival 2014

    Posted on Monday, June 16th, 2014 under Exhibitions, News

    O-PiN at Festival 2014.

    We would like to invite you to submit works to be considered for a special one off exhibition as part of Festival 2014 at Glasgow Green running from the 23rd July to 3rd of August.
    We see this event as a perfect opportunity to raise awareness of Contemporary Art Jewellery to a wider audience, showcasing emerging and established designer makers from around Scotland to a broad general public, hoping to give our work a whole new market. The site hopes to attract visitors from all over the world, with international level media coverage.
    We will be hosting a structure designed by a local Glasgow Architect, together with other successful creative Glasgow collectives, working with Glasgow life to help raise the profile of designer makers within Scotland. Our plan is to have an exhibition of exciting, engaging and interesting works alongside a shop area that has work priced from £5 to £50.
    In the same area there will be a wide range of creative workshops and activities to complement our showcase. O-PiN will be offering 2 full days of workshops on the 1stand 2nd of August. Look out for the programme which will be published in the coming weeks.

    What we are looking for
    2 – 3 pieces of art jewellery/ Objects
    And 10 pieces of shop Jewllery/ Objects to compliment the other work submitted.
    Assist with invidulation/ sales
    morning shifts of 10:45am – 3:45pm
    afternoon shifts of 3:15pm – 8.15pm

    If you are interested in submitting work please send images of 2-3 pieces of work and an idea or image of what you would propose for the shop by 23rd June to  .We will respond to successful applicants by 27th June, all work must then be delivered to
    O-PiN Studios, The Briggait,
    141 Bridgegate, Glasgow, G1 5HZ by the 16th July.
    Work will be taken on a sale or return basis with a commission of 50%.
    Any profits made go to O-PiN to develop ways of Jewellery and engagement to a wider audience.

    If you are interesting in a volunteering post then please get in touch along with a few sentences about yourself to, leaving details of your availability and how many days you would be interested in.
    Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions.


    O-PiN studio and website Launch!

    Posted on Wednesday, March 19th, 2014 under Exhibitions, News

    O-PiN Studio and Website Launch

    Friday 30 May 18.00 – 21.00

    The Briggait, 141 Bridgegate, Glasgow, G1 5HZ
    ///Ground Floor Gallery and Studio 209///

    O-PiN invite you to an exhibition of works in the Briggait to launch our new studio space and the new O-PiN website. O-Pin is a collective of jewellery designer – makers based in the Briggait, Glasgow, who are interested in sharing their work in engaging and unconventional ways. O-Pin hopes to inspire other people and help the practice of Contemporary Art Jewellery by spreading awareness.

    O-PiN is also a project in which people are invited to participate through making a pin. Cards with the blank pin can be given or left anywhere to be discovered. The recipient is then directed to the O-pin website where they are given instructions to make a pin. The instructions encourage the use of material exploration with an emphasis on using recycled and renewable sources. On the website there is a gallery of the pins that have been submitted and a wealth of information relating to Contemporary Art Jewellery.
    O-PiN collective
    Stefanie Cheong, Soizig Carey, Daniela Corda, Scarlett Cohen French, Ruth Laird, Rhona McCallum and Amanda McQuat.

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