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    O-PiN Studio and Website Launch

    Friday 30 May 18.00 – 21.00

    The Briggait, 141 Bridgegate, Glasgow, G1 5HZ
    ///Ground Floor Gallery and Studio 209///

    O-PiN invite you to an exhibition of works in the Briggait to launch our new studio space and the new O-PiN website. O-Pin is a collective of jewellery designer – makers based in the Briggait, Glasgow, who are interested in sharing their work in engaging and unconventional ways. O-Pin hopes to inspire other people and help the practice of Contemporary Art Jewellery by spreading awareness.

    O-PiN is also a project in which people are invited to participate through making a pin. Cards with the blank pin can be given or left anywhere to be discovered. The recipient is then directed to the O-pin website where they are given instructions to make a pin. The instructions encourage the use of material exploration with an emphasis on using recycled and renewable sources. On the website there is a gallery of the pins that have been submitted and a wealth of information relating to Contemporary Art Jewellery.
    O-PiN collective
    Stefanie Cheong, Soizig Carey, Daniela Corda, Scarlett Cohen French, Ruth Laird, Rhona McCallum and Amanda McQuat.

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