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    Limited editions and one off Art Jewellery Items for sale to raise funds for Scottish Refugee Council.

    Back in February we invited 10 jewellery makers to choose another creative practitioner to meet for 1 day in our COLLAB SPACE, Gallery 1 at the Briggait. They produced a piece of jewellery which was exhibited in the WEARABLE WORKS SPACE Gallery 2. The artists created over 40 pieces between them and a closing party was held on the 24th February with a silent auction of the WEARABLE WORKS which raised £850 for Scottish Refugee Council. As we were only anticipating 10 pieces for auction we still have lots of unique Jewellery up for grabs.

    O-PiN is a collective of artist – makers, with a background in Contemporary Jewellery and 3 dimensional design. Directed by Soizig Carey and Stefanie Cheong.

    Huge thanks to the makers and artists involved!

    Lynne Maclachlan Studio & Zachary Eastwood-Bloom, Zephyr Liddell & Stefanie Cheong / Scarlett Cohen French-Jewellery, Stefanie Cheong & Tessa LynchSoizig Carey & Risotto(Gabriella di Tano), Alice Dansey-Wright & Jemima Dansey-wright, Jonathan Mathew Boyd & Euan McKenzie, Mhari & Caitlin McMullan, Marianne AndersonKaty West, Scarlett Cohen-French & Maeve RedmondEmer Tumilty & Mariella Verkerk (with help from Sally Morrison)

    Thank you to WASPS artist studios for giving us the space at The Briggait.

    To view or bid on the work please go to the auction here

    The Auction closes at 7pm on the 2nd July

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